• Another warm autumn day
  • Seasonal fresh flowers in rooms
  • Autumn shoreline

About The Cottage

Rock Cottage & Garden Room 1897

Rock Cottage was discovered by Peggy & Leslie Dandy during a holiday to the area in 1954 and purchased at auction from the Trelowarren Estate. We believe the property dates from the mid 16th century and by 1954 it probably hadn't changed very much. It was condemned as unfit for habitation and was also a Grade II listed building as "the only recorded example of a traditional Cornish cottage built on a projecting rock foundation". During 1955 the cottage was demolished to ground floor ceiling level except for the chimney end which has been preserved. The traditional cob walls (mud, straw and stone), were retained where possible.

The Garden Room was originally another cottage with a second family living there. The two properties shared a semi-detached privy, which still exists at the bottom of the garden.  Over the years there has been a continual process of repair and improvement to meet expectations for modern comforts.

Hopefully, after more than sixty years of letting Rock Cottage, we have thought of most things. We hope you will enjoy your holiday here and take back some wonderful memories to share with others.

Rock Cottage in 1955.
Rock Cottage in 1955.